Sunday, August 30, 2009

Relax weekend

It has been so good catching up with my old friends lately. And i will miss you all and i will carry with me all our laughs!!!;) I hope see all you guys at my wedding next year! Time to save money then, ahhaha

Yeah, I am little bit sookie. I admit it .... i will cuddle my dogs here, as my other half is so far.... on the other side... indian ocean.. then i cannot make it now. BUt i will be there pretty soon, babe! I can't wait .... i am looking forward to it! Badly!!!

Today was just a chilling day... with my uggies. Yes, i brought them with me. They are so comfy and I love to wear them everytime even here in Rio where the winter does not exist, ehehehe. So it will be uggies + skirt.

But it is little bit chilly tonight and i am wearing them ... and planning to watch Marley and me before sleep. I think this is the third time that i watch this movie. I love dogs!!!

I have no idea why i am writing down in english.... and i don´t know even if there is any grammar mistake..( Always there is, ahah) or even it is boring...hehehe. Who cares? It is my blog, isn't it?But my fiance will probably read it and tell me where my mistakes are.

that is all folks...

PS. I love you, Brett

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Raffaella Gross. said...


tb sempre penso em escrever sem ser em portugues, mas reguiçosa nata logo desisto, rs
Houve uma época em que escrevia em ingles e italiano, rs
mas desisiti ja!

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